Suyan Camp




Suyan Camp is found in the vast, rugged land of Loliondo on the eastern border of the Serengeti. It is home to the Maasai and offers the rare opportunity to combine both wildlife and cultural tourism. In the private concession areas, activities include walking; day and night driving, and the option of experiencing fly camping.

Suyan Camp is open between December to March. The camp consists of just 6 luxury mobile tents, Suyan Camp is merely a dot in the vast natural beauty that surrounds it. Guest areas and tasteful rooms are beautifully decorated offering a safe and comfortable haven after a day adventuring in the bush. Guests tend to gravitate towards the campfire and swap stories of the day’s events, enjoying the inspiring company of like-minded explorers from around the world.


Instead of the animals migrating to you, you find the animals at Suyan Camp! This mobile camp changes its position a few times a year to ensure your game viewing experience is always out of this world. Suyan Camp moves once a year between southern Loliondo (Piyaya village land) and northern Loliondo (Soit Sambu and Ololosokwan village land), following patterns of rain and animal movement in the area. The large, private concession areas allow you to meet the nomadic Maasai tribe, offer breathtaking landscapes: the towering Gol Mountains, the deep Sanjan and Olkarien Gorges, wild bush with roaming elephants and the active Ol Donyno Lengai volcano. Whenever and wherever you go, it will be fantastic!photo2


  • Suyan Camp
  • Loliondo Game Area
  • Serengeti Ecosystem
  • Tanzania

Suyan Camp is located within the Loliondo Game Area on the eastern border of the Serengeti National Park but within the Serengeti ecosystem in northern Tanzania.