Mkomazi National Park


Mkomazi National Park

Virgin breathtaking beauty exhibiting unique natural treasures and immense sense of space Vital refuge for two highly endangered species, the charismatic black rhino and sociable African wild dog Fantastic destination for birdwatchers, with more than 450 avian species recorded


Mkomazi supports several dry – country specialists’ species that are rare elsewhere in Tanzania; these include the spectacular fringe – eared oryx, with its long back sweeping horns, and the handsome spiral – horned lesser kudu. Oddest of all is the gerenuk, a gazelle distinguished by its slender neck, bizarre alien – like head, and habit of standing tall on its hind legs stretch for acacia leaves that other browsers cannot reach Approximately 450 species of bird Endangered African wild Dog and Black Rhino which are enclosed in sanctuaries for habitualization and reintroduction to the wild at a later stage. Variety of flora and fauna with over 78 species of mammals

About Mkomazi National Park

Area size:
An area of 3,245 sq km (1,240 sq miles)

Northern Tanzania split between Kilimanjaro and Tanga administrative regions. Borders Tsavo west National Park in Kenya. Mkomazi Park Entrance gate lies 112 km (69 miles) from Moshi, 142 km (88.7 miles) from Kilimanjaro International Airport, 120 km (75 miles) from Kilimanjaro National Park – the roof of Africa and 6 km (3.7 miles) from the town of Same.


  • Walking safaris
  • Bird watching
  • Visit research centre to learn more about Black Rhino and Wild Dog conservation efforts.
  • 4×4 Safari drives.
  • Night game drives upon ranger approval

When to go

  • Best time to visit is from June – October and December – April.
  • Temperate climate with Savannah and bushland landscapes.