Cultural Tours


We at Adventure Makers believe all our clients should leave our country with the best possible experience and a positive image of the country.† To make sure our clients get this we like to connect them with our local people from different tribes and allow them to observe some of the local traditions of Tanzania. Tanzania is blessed with more than 120 tribes in an area of around 937,062 square kilometers.†† We at†Adventure Makers would like to share with you some of our best selected tribes and villages to give you the ultimate exposure to our people.






We believe if one comes to Tanzania you should meet Tanzanians and experience their hospitality along with observing its vast wildlife. We can organize trips to villages before, after or mid-safari depending upon your preference. If you desire we can make the arrangements so that you donít miss out on this important opportunity. We suggest you read the descriptions below and choose which ones you find most interesting. Then we would be happy to help design your tour.